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Re: System libraries and the GPLv2

* Lars Wirzenius:

> A compication in this is that even though the developers of a program
> would be happy with linking to OpenSSL, people who've written other
> libraries the program uses, or other code included in the program, may
> not be. I'm such a person. If some code I've released some code under
> GPL2 (only), and you link use it in a way that causes it to be linked
> with OpenSSL without asking me, you'll make me unhappy. I'm unlikely
> to sue you (life is too short), but I might grumble lengthily into my
> cup of tea.

This is interesting.

Do you hold the same position regarding newer versions of GCC (which
have changed the libgcc license to GPLv3+ (plus exceptions), which is
probably as GPLv2-compatible as the OpenSSL license)?

On some architectures, libgcc is required for full “long long”
support, so it's not really optional even for C.

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