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Re: AppStream Re: Depends/Recommends from libraries

2017-03-10 9:05 GMT+01:00 Rebecca N. Palmer <rebecca_palmer@zoho.com>:
> On 10/03/17 00:10, Jeremy Bicha wrote:
>> I think a lot of those appstream installs are from KDE and GNOME which
>> install plasma-discover and gnome-software by default.
> Do those things display AppStream "packages related to this hardware" by
> default?

I think GNOME Software doesn't, and Plasma Discover only displays them
as regular install-items. A feature like that would be really nice to
have though, it's maybe worth filing a feature request.

>> But beignet-opencli-icd's appstream metadata is invalid [copyleft not
>> allowed].
> This was done because parts of the metadata are automatically extracted from
> the (LGPL) code; it's only a warning in 'appstreamcli validate', and the
> people I discussed it with at the time thought it would be OK.

It's a warning because the data isn't completely useless (in case you
don't want to aggregate it, for example), but in general a warning
means a failed validation - to be safe, the data needs to be warning
and error free (exit-code of appstreamcli validate needs to be zero).

Debian's appstream-generator didn't reject metadata with
non-permissive licenses until August 2016 though.

> Upstream have since granted permission for the metadata to be MIT, but too
> late for the freeze.

Nice :-) The license restraints are annoying, but it might keep us
from trouble when mixing data with multiple different licenses in one

>> Also, do you have a link for more information about what
>> beignet-opencl-icd does?
> The homepage field of the metadata is set, to
> https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/Beignet/

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