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Re: AppStream Re: Depends/Recommends from libraries

On Thu, Mar 9, 2017 at 6:23 PM, Rebecca N. Palmer
<rebecca_palmer@zoho.com> wrote:
> When beignet-opencl-icd added AppStream metadata (black line in [1]), there
> was no noticeable increase in its installs.  As it's for popular hardware

I think a lot of those appstream installs are from KDE and GNOME which
install plasma-discover and gnome-software by default.

But beignet-opencli-icd's appstream metadata is invalid.



When you fix this issue, it may take a day or so for Debian's
appstream generator to pick up the change and publish it. If there are
no issues, the issues page won't be live but
https://appstream.debian.org/sid/main/metainfo/beignet-opencl-icd.html will be.

Also, do you have a link for more information about what
beignet-opencl-icd does?


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