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Re: AppStream Re: Depends/Recommends from libraries

On 10/03/17 00:10, Jeremy Bicha wrote:
I think a lot of those appstream installs are from KDE and GNOME which
install plasma-discover and gnome-software by default.
Do those things display AppStream "packages related to this hardware" by default?

(beignet-opencl-icd isn't a valid test because of...)

But beignet-opencli-icd's appstream metadata is invalid [copyleft not allowed].
This was done because parts of the metadata are automatically extracted from the (LGPL) code; it's only a warning in 'appstreamcli validate', and the people I discussed it with at the time thought it would be OK.

Upstream have since granted permission for the metadata to be MIT, but too late for the freeze.

Also, do you have a link for more information about what
beignet-opencl-icd does?
The homepage field of the metadata is set, to https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/Beignet/

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