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Re: Release file for own backport repository?

I've just tried it without "Version:" and with "Suite:" and "Codename:" 
set to jessie-backports.

After this, "apt-get update" prints the error (jessie expected but jessie-
backports received):

W: Konflikt bei Distribution: http://debian.jdesch.de jessie/ Release 
(jessie erwartet, aber jessie-backports bekommen)

> ~~~~
> Origin: joede-backports
> Label: Joedes Debian Jessie backports
> Suite: stable
> Version: 8.1 
> Codename: jessie 
> NotAutomatic: yes
> ButAutomaticUpgrades: yes
> Architectures: amd64
> Components: main contrib
> non-free Description: joede's local repository of backports
> ~~~~~

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