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Virus spam in the bug tracker

This has been mentionned before but today I discovered that a lot of 
Debian bugs have a bunch of spam emails on their tail end. What's worse, 
these actually contain a virus in an attachment.

Do a web search for:

    site:bugs.debian.org FedEx
    site:bugs.debian.org USPS delivery
    site:bugs.debian.org UPS delivery

Since these date back to about 3 to 6 months ago I wonder if the 
administrators missed them. I reported a few dozen of them but it looks 
like something that administrators could cleanup much more efficiently 
since all these spams are very similar (bug #854201 discusses 
spamassassin rules to block them).

Essentially any email that contains the words "FedEX", "USPS" or "UPS", 
and the word "delivery" and a zip or doc attachment contains a virus.

It also feels like this is the sort of email that could have been 
trivially blocked with an anti-virus before ever reaching the BTS.

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