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Release file for own backport repository?

Hi. I currently maintain a repository with my own backports for Jessie. 
Therefore I have a Release file with a suite entry "stable". Since my 
backports should be overwriteable by the official backport repository,
I want change the "name" of the origin von "stable" to "jessie-backports".

How do I have to change the "Release" file? Do I have to change the 
entries "Suite:" and "Codename:"?

The content of the current file is:

Origin: joede-backports
Label: Joedes Debian Jessie backports
Suite: stable
Version: 8.1
Codename: jessie
NotAutomatic: yes
ButAutomaticUpgrades: yes
Architectures: amd64
Components: main contrib non-free
Description: joede's local repository of backports

I have already lowered the priority to get the same behavior. Without the 
possibility to change the target release, I am no longer able to overcome 
this lower priority.

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