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Re: Non-free RFCs in stretch

The Wanderer writes ("Re: Non-free RFCs in stretch"):
> Can you provide an example of how, under your proposal, someone who
> wants to - e.g. - forbid the installation of any nonfree-gfdl-invariant
> packages would do so? I don't see any way to accomplish that based on
> Recommends:, precisely because Recommends: can be overridden.

I had thought, when I posted earlier, that ...

> For "Depends: foo", I'd probably try to do it by pinning foo to priority
> -1, or something along those lines - but such a pin would do nothing to
> prevent packages which only Recommend foo.

... apt would still try to honour both the Recommends and the pin and
therefore reject attempts to install the unwanted package(s).
But it appears I was wrong :-/.

> I hope I'm just missing something, because this looks like a very
> interesting idea. With Recommends:, however, it looks like it would do
> nothing more than potentially warn the user at install time that a
> package which is about to be installed violates this particular freedom
> condition - and that doesn't seem like enough of a benefit to be worth
> the investment.



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