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lircd daemon as regular user => device access problems

Dear list,

After some work it seems that an updated LIRC package has landed in stretch without any major problems. This resolves the urgent need to update it to something recent enough to be supported by upstream.

One remaining problem is that lircd, the main LIRC daemon, runs as root. This is code from the 90's, heavily user-configured. Running this as root is just not sane, and other distros has moved to running it as a regular user since long. I want to make this change for sid/buster.

However, running lircd as non-root raises permissions problems related to /dev/... devices. Since lircd is configured in all sorts of ways, many kinds of devices are potentially used. The paranoid configuration is to block all devices for lircd, leaving it to user to enable them as required. This is a breaking update for almost all users.

The alternative is to use the Fedora strategy, outlined below. This means changing overall permissions for several /dev/... devices. Is this OK, should it be discussed on this ML, or somewhere else?

Proposed /dev/ permissions after installing lirc:

- The /dev/lirc? devices are set user:group lirc:lirc and mode 660 (udev rule).
- The lirc user is added to the input group, to access /dev/input devices.
- The lirc user is added to the dialout group to access /dev/ttyS devices.
- The /var/lock dir is root:root 755 in my stretch box but this is seemingly #813703; assuming this will be fixed to 1777. - lirc user gets read access to all USB character devices using a udev rule invoking facl(1).

I know that getting permission is harder than to be forgiven, but perhaps it makes sense to have a discussion first?

The possibly controversial issue is the USB devices. However, without this rule a large part of lirc users will be forced to painful udev rules configuration



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