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Re: Feedback on 3.0 source format problems


Quoting Thibaut Paumard (2017-01-07 07:12:59)
> I manage my patches using quilt. I would really prefer if sbuild et al.
> would revert the patches after building by default, but that's life. I
> respect that other people have other views.

you could always file a wishlist bug against sbuild with your feature request.

I guess you are using sbuild from within an unpacked source package?

The input for sbuild is always a source package. If all you give to sbuild is a
directory, then it first needs to create that source package. It uses
"dpkg-source -b ." for this purpose. It is dpkg-source which applies the

What you could already do today with sbuild is to say:

sbuild --pre-build-commands="dpkg-source --after-build $(pwd)" ...

You can also put this into your ~/.sbuildrc but that would then prevent you
from using sbuild outside of unpacked source package directories.

Sbuild could do this cleanup itself if there was a way to automatically
determine whether the user would like their tree to be patches applied or
unapplied. I do not even know of a way to determine upfront whether a source
tree is patches applied or unapplied (that check has to be independent of the
source format). Heck, with quilt, the source tree could even have patches half
applied. I'm not so sure how fragile it will be to let sbuild try to put your
source directory back into the state that it found it.

This also brings me to a question about the --unapply-patches option. The man
page says:

       --no-unapply-patches, --unapply-patches
              By  default,  dpkg-source will automatically unapply the patches
              in  the  --after-build  hook  if  it  did  apply   them   during
              --before-build    (--unapply-patches    since    dpkg    1.15.8,
              --no-unapply-patches since dpkg 1.16.5).   Those  options  allow
              you  to  forcefully  disable  or  enable the patch unapplication
              process.    Those    options     are     only     allowed     in
              debian/source/local-options   so   that   all  generated  source
              packages have the same behavior by default.

Is --before-build not also run when using --build? That patches are applied
when using --build indicates to me that it is. But the --unapply-patches option
seems to have no effect when used with --build. So is there a way to apply and
unapply patches with a single dpkg-source call? And if --unapply-patches does
not have any effect together with --build, why do I not get a warning on the
command line about this? And then there is the mysterious hint about
debian/source/local-options which doesn't increase my understanding of the



cheers, josch

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