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Re: Feedback on 3.0 source format problems

On Sun, Jan 08, 2017 at 01:53:51AM +0100, Johannes Schauer wrote:
> Quoting Thibaut Paumard (2017-01-07 07:12:59)
> > I manage my patches using quilt. I would really prefer if sbuild et al.
> > would revert the patches after building by default, but that's life. I
> > respect that other people have other views.
> you could always file a wishlist bug against sbuild with your feature request.
> ;)
> I guess you are using sbuild from within an unpacked source package?
> The input for sbuild is always a source package. If all you give to sbuild is a
> directory, then it first needs to create that source package. It uses
> "dpkg-source -b ." for this purpose. It is dpkg-source which applies the
> patches.
> What you could already do today with sbuild is to say:
> sbuild --pre-build-commands="dpkg-source --after-build $(pwd)" ...
> You can also put this into your ~/.sbuildrc but that would then prevent you
> from using sbuild outside of unpacked source package directories.
> Sbuild could do this cleanup itself if there was a way to automatically
> determine whether the user would like their tree to be patches applied or
> unapplied. I do not even know of a way to determine upfront whether a source
> tree is patches applied or unapplied (that check has to be independent of the
> source format). Heck, with quilt, the source tree could even have patches half
> applied. I'm not so sure how fragile it will be to let sbuild try to put your
> source directory back into the state that it found it.

dpkg-source can almost do this for you; see later :)

> This also brings me to a question about the --unapply-patches option. The man
> page says:
>        --no-unapply-patches, --unapply-patches
>               By  default,  dpkg-source will automatically unapply the patches
>               in  the  --after-build  hook  if  it  did  apply   them   during
>               --before-build    (--unapply-patches    since    dpkg    1.15.8,
>               --no-unapply-patches since dpkg 1.16.5).   Those  options  allow
>               you  to  forcefully  disable  or  enable the patch unapplication
>               process.    Those    options     are     only     allowed     in
>               debian/source/local-options   so   that   all  generated  source
>               packages have the same behavior by default.
> Is --before-build not also run when using --build? That patches are applied
> when using --build indicates to me that it is.

No, it's not, but per dpkg-source(1) you can see that for 3.0 (quilt),
both --before-build and --build apply patches.

> But the --unapply-patches option
> seems to have no effect when used with --build. So is there a way to apply and
> unapply patches with a single dpkg-source call?

No, there isn't. The standard invocation by dpkg-buildpackage -S is:

dpkg-source --before-build .
fakeroot debian/rules clean
dpkg-source -b .
dpkg-source --after-build .
(also dpkg-gencontrol and dpkg-genbuildinfo)

> And if --unapply-patches does
> not have any effect together with --build, why do I not get a warning on the
> command line about this?

Wishlist bug against dpkg? :)

> And then there is the mysterious hint about
> debian/source/local-options which doesn't increase my understanding of the
> matter....

Indeed, but they seem to work when given on the command-line for

Now, if you look at the --(no-)unapply-patches description, you will see

> By default, dpkg-source will automatically unapply the patches in the
> --after-build hook if it did apply them during --before-build

This turns out to be true. Working in a patches-applied tree:

    $ dpkg-source --before-build .
    $ dpkg-source -b .
    $ dpkg-source --after-build .

leaves the patches applied. Working in a patches-unapplied tree, the
patches are unapplied during the --after-build. This seems to do exactly
what you want, with the caveat that, if patches are only *part*-applied,
they will be completely unapplied by the --after-build, but this seems
like a very strange edge-case.

This behaviour is exactly what pdebuild has been doing forever (and
therefore git-buildpackage --git-pbuilder and others).


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