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Re: Converting to dgit

On Jan 04 2017, Sean Whitton <spwhitton@spwhitton.name> wrote:
>> > I also read Russ's e-mail, but I'm not yet convinced that powerful tools
>> > like `git diff` and `git log` won't be able to give you the information
>> > you need pretty quickly.
>> Can you give an example? Eg if I have to Debian patched that both
>> produced merge conflicts at some point, how do I disentangle them into
>> two separate patches with just git log and git diff?
> Use the `git log` command I gave previously, and cherry-pick the commits
> you want.  Thanks to the merges, they won't apply cleanly, and you'll
> have to manually resolve the cherry-picks.  However, as evidenced by
> Russ's examples, manual resolution will always be required in these
> sorts of cases, and git minimises the amount of it you have to do.

No, that's a misunderstanding.

"The information I need" is the Debian-specific modifications to the
current upstream source, separated into logically independent patches.

Having separate patches in debian/patches gives me this information very

Having to run git log, and then to manually merge the the commits gives
me the same information, but it is not "very quickly".

This is the drawback of the single-debian-patch approach. The fact that
the patches are available in individual Git commits no longer helps
after a few merges.


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