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Re: When should we https our mirrors?

On Thu, 2016-10-27 at 08:35 +0200, Vincent Bernat wrote:
> Moreover, the download speed can be very slow, either from work or
> from home (100M fiber connection). Sometimes 100kbytes/s. That's a
> pain.
> I am a bit worried for deb.debian.org to become a default as it
> doesn't work well for me. Am I alone to have such problems?

It's *far* better than httpredir.  But given adding httpredir as a
backup has become a net negative for me, that's not saying much. 
deb.debian.org so far has been net positive.

Yes, it's slow.  But for those of us who live on the east cost of
Australia our choices are ftp.au.debian.org (rock solid but 5Mm away,
connected to the east by wet string or carrier pigeon - pabs will
advise) or an Eastern mirror (fast but unpredictable and unreliable,
possibly because pabs doesn't live here[0]) it's the reason we need a
backup.  I was hoping for better given fastly has POP's in Australia,
but apparently the nearest fastly POP for Debian is in the US.

The real problem is mirroring infrastructure for Debian badly needs
some love.  As Raphael spelt out when explaining the current state of
httpredir - the problem lies deeper than httpredir itself. 
deb.debian.org can bypass most the mess because they control both ends
- debian and the "mirror".

I'm sure Debian is riddled with people who could fix the mirror
network.  In the usual Debian way (why does heart bleed spring to
mind?) it will become an impossible to ignore itch before one of us
gets off our fat arses to does something about it. [1]

[0] pure speculation.

[1] Antarctic penguins spring to mind.  All hungry, all standing on the
ice starring at the sea wondering if there are leopard seals waiting
for dinner to deliver itself, all hoping someone else will be hungry
enough to be the test the dinner theory before them. 

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