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Re: When should we https our mirrors?

On 10/18/2016 06:47 PM, Marco d'Itri wrote:
> On Oct 17, Ian Campbell <ijc@debian.org> wrote:
>> Have we gotten to the point where we consider deb.d.o suitable for
>> production use? The web page still says Experimental (so I would assume
> I do not think that it is appropriate for general use, since at least 
> one of the CDNs backing it lacks nodes in many (most) countries.
> I like to get my Debian packages over peering links. :-)

It's also a little awkward that apt does not tell you which of the SRV
records it picked. (The "and why" is clear: round robin.) I had a short
read earlier today and I had no idea how to even report it without that
information. (Of course I know how to turn on debugging but then it
picked a different one and succeeded.)

Kind regards
Philipp Kern

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