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Work-needing packages report for Aug 19, 2016

The following is a listing of packages for which help has been requested
through the WNPP (Work-Needing and Prospective Packages) system in the
last week.

Total number of orphaned packages: 860 (new: 14)
Total number of packages offered up for adoption: 171 (new: 8)
Total number of packages requested help for: 48 (new: 0)

Please refer to http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/ for more information.


The following packages have been orphaned:

   autotrace (#834306), orphaned 4 days ago
     Description: bitmap to vector graphics converter
     Reverse Depends: autotrace libautotrace-dev mftrace
     Installations reported by Popcon: 536

   boats (#834409), orphaned 3 days ago
     Description: race scenario drawing tool
     Installations reported by Popcon: 21

   calcoo (#834308), orphaned 4 days ago
     Description: Scientific calculator (GTK+)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 423

   ccbuild (#834636), orphaned yesterday
     Description: source scanning build utility for C++
     Installations reported by Popcon: 44

   dgen (#834312), orphaned 4 days ago (non-free)
     Description: Sega Genesis/MegaDrive emulator
     Installations reported by Popcon: 106

   giflib (#834410), orphaned 3 days ago
     Description: library for GIF images (debug)
     Reverse Depends: aseprite boats cgi-mapserver driftnet ecere-dev
       edisplay emacs24 emacs24-lucid exactimage fbi (88 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 15667

   libcgic (#834166), orphaned 6 days ago
     Description: C library for developing CGI applications
     Reverse Depends: libcgic-dev
     Installations reported by Popcon: 25

   libtut (#834442), orphaned 3 days ago
     Description: elegant C++ unit test framework
     Installations reported by Popcon: 23

   libvc (#834311), orphaned 4 days ago
     Description: vCard library - development files
     Reverse Depends: libvc-dev
     Installations reported by Popcon: 47

   obmenu (#834307), orphaned 4 days ago
     Description: Graphical menu editor for openbox
     Installations reported by Popcon: 869

   ttf-staypuft (#834309), orphaned 4 days ago
     Description: Stay-Puft free TrueType font
     Installations reported by Popcon: 608

   wav2cdr (#834310), orphaned 4 days ago
     Description: Converts wav files into CD-ROM audio file format
     Installations reported by Popcon: 76

   xnbd (#834337), orphaned 4 days ago
     Description: Network Block Device client with support for live
     Reverse Depends: xnbd-client xnbd-server
     Installations reported by Popcon: 41

   zfs-fuse (#834130), orphaned 6 days ago
     Description: ZFS on FUSE
     Reverse Depends: libguestfs-zfs simplesnap zfsnap
     Installations reported by Popcon: 568

846 older packages have been omitted from this listing, see
http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/orphaned for a complete list.


The following packages have been given up for adoption:

   cgmanager (#834540), offered 2 days ago
     Description: Central cgroup manager daemon
     Reverse Depends: cgmanager cgmanager-tests libcgmanager-dev liblxc1
       libpam-cgm numad systemd-shim
     Installations reported by Popcon: 15618

   insserv (#834284), offered 4 days ago
     Description: boot sequence organizer using LSB init.d script
       dependency information
     Reverse Depends: file-rc openrc sysv-rc
     Installations reported by Popcon: 178174

   liblog4ada (#834509), offered 2 days ago
     Description: Ada library for flexible logging
     Reverse Depends: liblog4ada3-dev
     Installations reported by Popcon: 3

   libxmlezout (#834507), offered 2 days ago
     Description: Easy-to-use library for emitting XML from Ada programs
     Reverse Depends: liblog4ada3-dev libxmlezout4-dev
     Installations reported by Popcon: 1

   music123 (#834604), offered yesterday
     Description: Command-line shell for sound-file players
     Installations reported by Popcon: 170

   plastex (#834394), offered 3 days ago
     Description: LaTeX document processing framework in Python
     Installations reported by Popcon: 68

   polyorb (#834605), offered yesterday
     Description: Multiple-personality middleware for Ada
     Reverse Depends: libpolyorb-dbg libpolyorb3-dev polyorb-servers
     Installations reported by Popcon: 11

   startpar (#834283), offered 4 days ago
     Description: run processes in parallel and multiplex their output
     Reverse Depends: sysv-rc
     Installations reported by Popcon: 119326

163 older packages have been omitted from this listing, see
http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/rfa_bypackage for a complete list.


For the following packages help is requested:

   athcool (#278442), requested 4314 days ago
     Description: Enable powersaving mode for Athlon/Duron processors
     Installations reported by Popcon: 25

   awstats (#755797), requested 757 days ago
     Description: powerful and featureful web server log analyzer
     Installations reported by Popcon: 4102

   balsa (#642906), requested 1789 days ago
     Description: An e-mail client for GNOME
     Reverse Depends: balsa-dbg
     Installations reported by Popcon: 617

   cardstories (#624100), requested 1942 days ago
     Description: Find out a card using a sentence made up by another
     Installations reported by Popcon: 6

   courier (#823807), requested 101 days ago
     Reverse Depends: courier-faxmail courier-filter-perl courier-imap
       courier-imap-ssl courier-ldap courier-mlm courier-mta
       courier-mta-ssl courier-pcp courier-pop (7 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 2188

   cups (#532097), requested 2630 days ago
     Description: Common UNIX Printing System
     Reverse Depends: bluez-cups boomaga chromium
       cinnamon-settings-daemon cloudprint cups cups-backend-bjnp
       cups-browsed cups-bsd cups-client (62 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 162045

   cyrus-sasl2 (#799864), requested 330 days ago
     Description: authentication abstraction library
     Reverse Depends: 389-ds-base 389-ds-base-libs 389-dsgw adcli
       autofs-ldap cairo-dock-mail-plug-in claws-mail
       claws-mail-acpi-notifier claws-mail-address-keeper
       claws-mail-archiver-plugin (129 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 182154

   dee (#831388), requested 34 days ago
     Description: model to synchronize mutiple instances over DBus
     Reverse Depends: dee-tools gir1.2-dee-1.0 libdee-1.0-4-dbg
       libdee-dev zeitgeist-core
     Installations reported by Popcon: 58783

   developers-reference (#759995), requested 719 days ago
     Description: guidelines and information for Debian developers
     Installations reported by Popcon: 16291

   devscripts (#800413), requested 324 days ago
     Description: scripts to make the life of a Debian Package maintainer
     Reverse Depends: apt-build apt-listdifferences aptfs arriero
       bzr-builddeb customdeb debci debian-builder debmake debpear (26 more
     Installations reported by Popcon: 12582

   ejabberd (#767874), requested 654 days ago
     Description: distributed, fault-tolerant Jabber/XMPP server written
       in Erlang
     Reverse Depends: ejabberd-contrib ejabberd-mod-cron
       ejabberd-mod-log-chat ejabberd-mod-logsession ejabberd-mod-logxml
       ejabberd-mod-message-log ejabberd-mod-muc-log-http
       ejabberd-mod-post-log ejabberd-mod-pottymouth ejabberd-mod-rest (4
       more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 718

   fbcat (#565156), requested 2409 days ago
     Description: framebuffer grabber
     Installations reported by Popcon: 202

   fgetty (#823061), requested 110 days ago
     Description: console-only getty & login (issue with nis)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 1912

   freeipmi (#628062), requested 1911 days ago
     Description: GNU implementation of the IPMI protocol
     Reverse Depends: conman freeipmi freeipmi-bmc-watchdog
       freeipmi-ipmidetect freeipmi-ipmiseld freeipmi-tools ipmitool
       libfreeipmi-dev libfreeipmi16 libipmiconsole-dev (7 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 6308

   freerdp (#799759), requested 331 days ago
     Description: RDP client for Windows Terminal Services (X11 client)
     Reverse Depends: freerdp-x11 freerdp-x11-dbg libfreerdp-cache1.1
       libfreerdp-client1.1 libfreerdp-codec1.1 libfreerdp-common1.1.0
       libfreerdp-core1.1 libfreerdp-crypto1.1 libfreerdp-dbg
       libfreerdp-dev (28 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 71129

   gnat-gps (#496905), requested 2912 days ago
     Description: co-maintainer needed
     Reverse Depends: gnat-gps
     Installations reported by Popcon: 509

   gnokii (#677750), requested 1524 days ago
     Description: Datasuite for mobile phone management
     Reverse Depends: gnokii gnokii-cli gnokii-smsd gnokii-smsd-mysql
       gnokii-smsd-pgsql gnome-phone-manager libgnokii-dev libgnokii6
     Installations reported by Popcon: 1143

   gridengine (#703256), requested 1250 days ago
     Description: Distributed resource management
     Reverse Depends: gridengine-client gridengine-dev
       gridengine-drmaa-dev gridengine-exec gridengine-master
       gridengine-qmon libdrmaa1.0-java libdrmaa1.0-ruby
     Installations reported by Popcon: 652

   grub2 (#248397), requested 4483 days ago
     Description: GRand Unified Bootloader
     Reverse Depends: debootstick fuel-umm grml-rescueboot grml2usb
       grub-coreboot grub-coreboot-bin grub-coreboot-dbg grub-disk grub-efi
       grub-efi-amd64 (38 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 178787

   hfsprogs (#557892), requested 2458 days ago
     Description: mkfs and fsck for HFS and HFS+ file systems
     Installations reported by Popcon: 1813

   javaparser (#820471), requested 132 days ago
     Description: Java library for parsing Java 1.5.
     Reverse Depends: umlet
     Installations reported by Popcon: 704

   jmol (#719330), requested 1104 days ago
     Description: Molecular Viewer
     Reverse Depends: jalview jmol jmol-applet libbiojava3.0-java
     Installations reported by Popcon: 491

   jove (#470185), requested 3084 days ago
     Description: Jonathan's Own Version of Emacs - a compact, powerful
     Installations reported by Popcon: 444

   libapache2-mod-python (#516501), requested 2735 days ago
     Description: Python-embedding module for Apache 2
     Reverse Depends: check-mk-multisite
     Installations reported by Popcon: 7185

   libreoffice (#419523), requested 3412 days ago
     Description: office productivity suite
     Reverse Depends: design-desktop gir1.2-lokdocview-0.1 gnome
       jodconverter jodreports-cli libaccessodf-java libjodconverter-java
       libjodreports-java liblibreofficekitgtk libreoffice (188 more
     Installations reported by Popcon: 87779

   libteam (#743212), requested 871 days ago
     Description: library for controlling team network device
     Reverse Depends: ladvd libteam-dev libteam-utils network-manager
     Installations reported by Popcon: 68360

   libvorbisidec (#698378), requested 1309 days ago
     Description: Integer-only Ogg Vorbis decoder, AKA 'tremor'
     Reverse Depends: libvorbisidec-dev mednafen mencoder mpd mplayer
       mplayer-gui onscripter
     Installations reported by Popcon: 12307

   logcheck (#539944), requested 2571 days ago
     Description: mails anomalies in the system logfiles to the
     Reverse Depends: logcheck logster
     Installations reported by Popcon: 4618

   munin (#655889), requested 1678 days ago
     Description: please help keeping munin 2.0 in shape
     Reverse Depends: groonga-munin-plugins mailping munin munin-async
       munin-libvirt-plugins munin-node munin-plugins-core
       munin-plugins-extra munin-plugins-java munin-plugins-openstack
     Installations reported by Popcon: 11623

   nas (#354174), requested 3829 days ago
     Description: The Network Audio System
     Reverse Depends: acm alsaplayer-nas gbsplay isdnvboxclient
       libaudio-dev libqtgui4 mpg123 mplayer mplayer-gui nas (4 more
     Installations reported by Popcon: 101925

   nilfs-tools (#723599), requested 1066 days ago
     Description: Continuous Snapshotting Log-structured Filesystem
     Reverse Depends: libguestfs-nilfs nilfs-tools-dbg partclone
     Installations reported by Popcon: 611

   nn (#470187), requested 3084 days ago
     Description: Heavy-duty USENET news reader (curses-based client)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 62

   openldap (#512360), requested 2767 days ago
     Description: OpenLDAP server, libraries, and utilities
     Reverse Depends: 389-admin 389-ds-base 389-ds-base-dev
       389-ds-base-libs 389-dsgw adcli alpine am-utils anope
       aolserver4-nsldap (203 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 180767

   openssl (#332498), requested 3969 days ago
     Description: Secure Socket Layer (SSL) binary and related
       cryptographic tools
     Reverse Depends: 0install-core 389-ds-base acme-tiny afflib-tools
       alljoyn-daemon-1504 alljoyn-daemon-1509 alljoyn-daemon-1604
       alljoyn-services-1509 alljoyn-thin-client-1504 alpine (955 more
     Installations reported by Popcon: 181341

   openvanilla-modules (#678401), requested 1519 days ago
     Description: libraries of openvanilla input method
     Reverse Depends: openvanilla-imgeneric-data-all
       openvanilla-imgeneric-data-ja openvanilla-imgeneric-data-ko
       openvanilla-imgeneric-data-th openvanilla-imgeneric-data-vi
       openvanilla-imgeneric-data-zh-cn openvanilla-imgeneric-data-zh-hk
       openvanilla-imgeneric-data-zh-tw ucimf-openvanilla
     Installations reported by Popcon: 10

   pam-krb5-migrate (#724346), requested 1060 days ago
     Description: PAM module for migrating to Kerberos
     Installations reported by Popcon: 18

   pgpool2 (#772047), requested 623 days ago
     Description: connection pool server and replication proxy for
     Reverse Depends: libpgpool-dev pgpool2 pgpool2-dbg
     Installations reported by Popcon: 160

   php-horde-core (#686007), requested 1452 days ago
     Description: web-based groupware and other applications
     Reverse Depends: php-horde php-horde-ansel php-horde-content
       php-horde-dav php-horde-form php-horde-gollem php-horde-imp
       php-horde-ingo php-horde-kronolith php-horde-mnemo (10 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 147

   php5 (#664595), requested 1613 days ago
     Description: server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language
     Reverse Depends: acidbase arcanist auth2db-frontend cakephp
       cakephp-scripts collabtive d-push davical dolibarr fusiondirectory
       (101 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 63751

   proftpd-dfsg (#519175), requested 2718 days ago
     Description: versatile, virtual-hosting FTP daemon
     Reverse Depends: gadmin-proftpd proftpd-dev proftpd-mod-autohost
       proftpd-mod-case proftpd-mod-dnsbl proftpd-mod-fsync
       proftpd-mod-geoip proftpd-mod-ldap proftpd-mod-msg proftpd-mod-mysql
       (5 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 8767

   pulseaudio (#743303), requested 870 days ago
     Description: PulseAudio sound server
     Reverse Depends: aegisub audacious-plugins audiotools blueman
       browser-plugin-freshplayer-libpdf browser-plugin-freshplayer-nacl
       browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash budgie-core
       cairo-dock-impulse-plug-in chromium (159 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 118465

   rng-tools (#630920), requested 1888 days ago
     Description: Daemon to use a Hardware TRNG
     Installations reported by Popcon: 1252

   samba (#814382), requested 189 days ago
     Description: SMB/CIFS file, print, and login server for Unix
     Reverse Depends: backuppc caja-share cifs-utils ctdb freeipa-server
       freeipa-server-trust-ad fusesmb gadmin-samba gnome-control-center
       gss-ntlmssp (45 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 126432

   screen (#654116), requested 1690 days ago
     Description: terminal multiplexor with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation
     Reverse Depends: byobu cereal epoptes-client firehol-tools mdm
       piuparts-slave podracer screenie
     Installations reported by Popcon: 53388

   smokeping (#824712), requested 92 days ago
     Installations reported by Popcon: 872

   spamassassin (#676314), requested 1534 days ago
     Description: seeking co-maintainers
     Reverse Depends: claws-mail-spamassassin fuzzyocr sa-compile sa-exim
       sa-learn-cyrus spamass-milter spamassassin-heatu spampd
     Installations reported by Popcon: 11597

   vpnc (#818547), requested 154 days ago
     Description: Cisco-compatible VPN client
     Reverse Depends: network-manager-vpnc
     Installations reported by Popcon: 18592

   xml-core (#660687), requested 1641 days ago
     Description: XML infrastructure and XML catalog file support
     Reverse Depends: dia-common docbook-ebnf docbook-mathml
       docbook-simple docbook-slides docbook-website docbook-xml
       docbook-xsl docbook-xsl-ns docbook2x (8 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 172363

See http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/help_requested for more information.

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