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Re: Status of kbd console-data and console-setup


Felipe Sateler, on Fri 12 Aug 2016 17:44:20 +0000, wrote:
> localed by itself does little more than updating /etc/default/keyboard et 
> al[1] (it can set XKBMODEL, XKBVARIANT, XKBLAYOUT and XKBOPTIONS in that 
> file). It then tries to invoke systemd-vconsole, which is the service 
> that actually tries to setup the console, but it is not enabled in debian.
> >> I mean setting up console's and X11's keyboard.
> > 
> > Does systemd now sets up X11 keyboard too?!
> Yes. But in debian it is patched to only touch /etc/default/keyboard.

Ok, then it could simply get the list of available maps from xkb-data,
since that's the source for console-setup too.


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