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Re: Status of kbd console-data and console-setup


Cesare Leonardi, on Sun 31 Jul 2016 16:22:54 +0200, wrote:
> Console-data package was last updated in 2014, was reported obsolete for a
> long time and user reporting bug to it are sollecited to migrate to
> console-setup. For example see the preistoric bug #626680 (still valid). And
> upstream looks definitely dead.
> Why this broken package is still available?

Perhaps for some corner cases. It's meant to be removed anyway.

> Nowadays localectl from systemd coupled with kbd are able to cover the main
> job of console-setup, isn't it?

I don't think so. Does it support the various modifiers that xkb
supports, for instance? Does it cover at least the same set of keymaps
as xkb? Are kbd keymaps really as well maintained as xkb-data keymaps

> I mean setting up console's and X11's keyboard.

Does systemd now sets up X11 keyboard too?!

Using console-setup has allowed Debian to configure both console and X11
keyboard exactly the same way, with the same xkb-data keymaps. Using the
kbd keymaps would strongly depart from this, wouldn't it?


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