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Re: Keysigning via Video Conferencing

On Jun 21 2016, Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@debian.org> wrote:
> Now, I have said this too many times, but once more: As keyring-maint,
> we are not collecting samples of people showing valid-looking ID
> documents to others. This is one of the issues why we don't have
> long-queue key signing parties: Just checking the ID of a complete
> stranger is not real identity validation.
> My personal guideline is that I will sign your key if and only if I
> see your face and can think of your name, and the opposite way
> around.

Hmm. Can you explain that in a little more detail?

As I understand, we'll have to meet a few times for beer until we
remember each others name, and then we sign keys - without ever having
verified if we've actually given our legal name.

I'm a little confused as to what sort of malicious activity this is
intended to stop/make more difficult...? 


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