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Re: Generating upstream version from git history with uscan


On 08/06/16 09:13 AM, Mo Zhou wrote:
> I read all the uscan examples, and it seems that uscan
> works basing on http and ftp only. That is to say uscan
> will not scan Git repos so the above demand won't be
> satisfied.

`man uscan` will tell you that there is a `git mode`. Unfortunately,
this mode is only able to read version numbers from tags and not
generate version numbers by reading git commit dates and such.

I have opened a bug on uscan for this: #811565 [1]. Please take a look
at it and redirect the discussion there.

I would love to see someone working on this, as this is a feature that
would be much needed in the go packaging team.


1. https://bugs.debian.org/811565

Alexandre Viau

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