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Re: Opt out style recommends

Quoting Sune Vuorela (2016-04-09 10:34:24)
> On 2016-04-09, Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk> wrote:
>> I disagree that we need a new field: Simply lower to at most suggest 
>> the = daemon: It is for the daemon to declare a stronger dependency. 
>> Anyone needing the daemon can install the daemon - you shouldn't 
>> expect = libraries to pull in daemons (just as you shouldn't expect 
>> documentation = to pull in binaries).
> Sometimes, the daemon is an implementation detail of the library. Or a
> hard requirement for the library to function. Sometimes it is even a
> hard requirement for the library to not crash.

Such (rare, I suspect) cases would require Depends, not Recommends as is 
discussed in this here, I believe.

 - Jonas

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