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Are two Vcs-{Git|Svn|...} and Vcs-Browser fields sensible?


over time I have seen several changes in the values we should put in to
Vcs-* fields.  The latest one is s/http:/https:/.  While using config
model editor helps a lot to follow those changes we will probably see
more and more packages inside the archive that never changed but start
accumulating more and more lintian issues about wrong Vcs fields.

I wonder whether we are doing the right thing by specifying full URLs in
debian/control files.  I know that the assumption that packages are
maintained on Alioth is not fully true but if it would we could use

   Vcs-Type: {Git|Svn|...}
   Vcs-Path: <team>/<path_to_pkg_in_team>

The values Vcs-{Git|Svn|...} and Vcs-Browser could be perfectly
calculated from the above values and the calculation algorithm could be
adapted to any change that might be decided upon.  That way a control
file would stay valid (as long as the package does not move around and
thus touched anyway).

To solve the issue that this would not work for packages maintained
outside Debian infrastructure we could add

   Vcs-Debian: {yes|no}

or alternatively

   Vcs-Host: debian.org

or something like this.  If these are set Vcs-Type + Vcs-Path become

What do you think?

Kind regards



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