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Re: Downscaling responsibilities

On 30/01/16 13:22, Enrico Zini wrote:
> Hello,
> it has been clear to me for a while that I am unable to stay on top of
> my Debian responsibilities.

Hi Enrico,

First of all, I'm sure I won't be the only person to want to thank you
for all that you have done for Debian (and beyond) so far. It's people
like you who have inspired me to join this community. I totally
understand that you want to scale back on how much you're responsible for.

> I have now decided to hit the reset button and end this situation. I'm
> going to orphan most of my packages, and radically scale down the
> complexity of the web services I'm stuck maintaining.
> I'm writing this mail so that you'll know what is happening when you see
> my name disappearing from packages like debtags, apt-xapian-index,
> polygen and so on, and when you see features disappearing from
> debtags.debian.net, nm.debian.org, contributors.debian.org and
> sso.debian.org.

I guess the bit I don't follow is removing features from various
services, but carrying on maintaining them.

I realise that with packages one can RFA or totally Orphan them and make
it obvious to other parties that a new maintainer is required. It feels
like perhaps that's lacking for some of the Debian infrastructure services.

While I don't feel I can realistically volunteer to maintain any of the
things you are trying to orphan, I also had no real idea that this was
on the cards. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Do we need a WNP{Services} to improve the visibility of this kind of thing?


Chris Boot
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