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Downscaling responsibilities


it has been clear to me for a while that I am unable to stay on top of
my Debian responsibilities. I feel like my usual pattern of things in
debian has gone like this:
 1. I see a problem, I have an idea how to solve it, I make a prototype
    for it, I deploy it, look after it until I see that it actually
    solves the problem, I'm happy.
 2. I get stuck looking after it forever.
 3. Goto 1.

I consider this unsustainable, because I feel like everything I do is
just adding to the pile of things that will haunt me forever.
As a consequence, for some years I have been actively avoiding starting
new fun things, for fear of getting stuck with even more things that I
am responsible for. Debtags, for example, is one of the first things I
tried to do in Debian and I'm still stuck being the primary (or sole?)
person responsible for it after more than 10 years.

I tried looking for more contributors, but I feel like it increases my
responsibilities even more, because I felt like I ended up with BOTH the
responsibility of looking after things AND the responsibility of
tutoring and motivating new people.

I tried to fix this by looking for people to take high level ownership
of my projects[1], but nothing really happened.

I have now decided to hit the reset button and end this situation. I'm
going to orphan most of my packages, and radically scale down the
complexity of the web services I'm stuck maintaining.

I'm writing this mail so that you'll know what is happening when you see
my name disappearing from packages like debtags, apt-xapian-index,
polygen and so on, and when you see features disappearing from
debtags.debian.net, nm.debian.org, contributors.debian.org and


[1] http://enricozini.org/2014/debian/on-responsibilities/
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