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RE:dbconfig-common: near future change in dependency stack

Hello Paul

> Can you please point me to the relevant discussion?

I speak about this [1]

> Actually, I don't think that is in scope of dbconfig-common. I would
> rather expect that MariaDB would provide that functionality. It is
> required for more packages and situations than just those supported by
> dbconfig-common.

I understand.

> There must be a misunderstanding here (and I would like to learn where
> it comes from). dbconfig-no-thanks does NOTHING to get in the way of any
> database. The ONLY thing that it does it prevent dbconfig-common from
> managing the database for the package that depends on the
> dbconfig-common framework. As the description reads now:
> """

ok thanks for the clarification, now I understand better what this no-thanks package is meant for.

> If a package relies on the dbconfig-common framework for database setup
> and maintenance, installing dbconfig-no-thanks instead of one of
> dbconfig's database-specific packages will block this function. It is
> intended for cases where the system administrator desires or requires
> full control of the database or where dbconfig-common makes bad choices,
> and typically leaves the depending packages non-functional until
> manually configured.
> """

If the no-thanks package is installed, what could be expected from the package maintainer in order to deal with the system administrator database mis configuration.
We just need to let the package un-configure in order to explain that the database is wrongly configure.
Do we have something in dbconfig-common whcih could say, here ok I do not manage the database but with this sysadmin database configuration, the package is not working.

> I am not sure what exactly you want, but you CAN'T use the
> dbconfig-common framework to prevent installation of MySQL, it is not
> intended for that. With dbconfig-no-thanks installed ANY package that
> relies on the dbconfig-common framework will not configure its database.
> Without installing dbconfig-no-thanks, you can still (as has always been
> the case) opt-out of dbconfig-common support per package, but this
> requires either preseeding or responding to the corresponding debconf
> question.

ok, it is clearer


[1] https://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/pkg-mysql-maint/2016-January/008605.html

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