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Re: dbconfig-common: near future change in dependency stack

Hi Frederic-Emmanuel,

On 30-01-16 09:30, PICCA Frederic-Emmanuel wrote:
> I am the maintainer of tango-db which use dbconfig-common and a mysql database.
> It seems that there is currently a discussion about he support of mysql and mariadb for Debian 9

Can you please point me to the relevant discussion?

> Do you know if dbconfig-common will integrate a way to switch from mysql to mariadb in the near futur.
> something whcih can help do the migration database from mysql to mariadb.

Actually, I don't think that is in scope of dbconfig-common. I would
rather expect that MariaDB would provide that functionality. It is
required for more packages and situations than just those supported by

> Also, I have the feeling that the new dbconfig-no-thanks is too coarse.
> It mean no database of any kind supported by dbconfig-common could be install on this machine.

There must be a misunderstanding here (and I would like to learn where
it comes from). dbconfig-no-thanks does NOTHING to get in the way of any
database. The ONLY thing that it does it prevent dbconfig-common from
managing the database for the package that depends on the
dbconfig-common framework. As the description reads now:
If a package relies on the dbconfig-common framework for database setup
and maintenance, installing dbconfig-no-thanks instead of one of
dbconfig's database-specific packages will block this function. It is
intended for cases where the system administrator desires or requires
full control of the database or where dbconfig-common makes bad choices,
and typically leaves the depending packages non-functional until
manually configured.

dbconfig-no-thanks only conflicts with all dbconfig-<dbtype> packages so
it doesn't block anything else.

> But I would like to express, no mysql on my computer, but I could allow postgresql for other packages.
> Is it possible to have this use case and how should we instrument our package for this?

I am not sure what exactly you want, but you CAN'T use the
dbconfig-common framework to prevent installation of MySQL, it is not
intended for that. With dbconfig-no-thanks installed ANY package that
relies on the dbconfig-common framework will not configure its database.
Without installing dbconfig-no-thanks, you can still (as has always been
the case) opt-out of dbconfig-common support per package, but this
requires either preseeding or responding to the corresponding debconf


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