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RE:dbconfig-common: near future change in dependency stack


thanks a lot for your work on dbconfig-common.

I am the maintainer of tango-db which use dbconfig-common and a mysql database.
It seems that there is currently a discussion about he support of mysql and mariadb for Debian 9

Do you know if dbconfig-common will integrate a way to switch from mysql to mariadb in the near futur.
something whcih can help do the migration database from mysql to mariadb.

Also, I have the feeling that the new dbconfig-no-thanks is too coarse.
It mean no database of any kind supported by dbconfig-common could be install on this machine.

But I would like to express, no mysql on my computer, but I could allow postgresql for other packages.
Is it possible to have this use case and how should we instrument our package for this?

once again thanks for your work


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