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Re: Packages with /outdated/ packaging style

On Tue, 19 Jan 2016, Andreas Tille wrote:

> > dh exists to optimise the common case,
> > with some limited amount of extendability, but in some cases, dh5 style
> > works better and/or ensures more legible debian/rules files than dh7 style.
> s?ensures more legible debian/rules?ensures less legible debian/rules?

No, I precisely meant what I wrote.

> my bet is that at least 95% of packages featuring old packaging style do
> not do these extra means.

For the other 5% (and I’m not disputing the figure), the dh5
style is *more* legible.

As I said earlier: dh7 style is just optimising the common case,
more not.

<Uli> Du hast Recht.
<Uli> Du hast Recht!

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