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Re: Packages with /outdated/ packaging style

Lucas Nussbaum <lucas <at> debian.org> writes:

> qa-helper_classic_debhelper.txt (3647 packages)
>    The package is still using "classic" debhelper (no dh, no CDBS).

Note that this is not a problem in the package, and there is absolutely
no requirement to act on this. dh exists to optimise the common case,
with some limited amount of extendability, but in some cases, dh5 style
works better and/or ensures more legible debian/rules files than dh7 style.

(Hell has frozen over, I’ve started using dh7 style for new packages and
converted some old ones over, but keep on dh5 style for the rest, for
good reasons.)

That being said: great work, such a list is, when presented with the
correct advice, a really useful tool to have!


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