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Re: Removing sysV init files


Thansk for long reply!

On 17/01/16 03:23, Jonathan de Boyne Pollard wrote:
Michael Biebl:

I wonder if nosh could be an option for non-linux. According to its
website it supports native systemd service files.

This caught my eye, so I thought that I'd demonstrate.  Before getting
to what I did, let's clear up some tangential points.

What resulted was a service that didn't start.  Hence "almost".

    JdeBP /tmp $ svstat /tmp/lircd
    /tmp/lircd: stopped since 2016-01-16 23:06:12 +0000; 2m 1s ago. , initially started
    JdeBP /tmp $

It didn't start because the service unit was wrong.

A quick check of the log revealed that the service was trying to create
a local-domain socket at |/run/lirc/lircd| . But there was no
|/run/lirc/| directory on my system to contain that.

Now, the systemd scripts are the upstream ones, and they are used in several distributions. Hence, statements like "they are wrong" in the sense that services doesn't start should be taken with some grain of salt. In this case, it seems like the nosh utility doesn't use the systemd tmfiles.d mechanisms which is the way to create temporary files and directories in the systemd world. However, this is not in the scripts, and should not be - it's in the rules file.

That said, there is always place for improvements. I'll answer to the other issues in a new thread, stay tuned.

There have been three System 5 rc scripts since May 2014; precisely so that there is a correspondence between service names, according to the commentary.

From a Debian point of view, I suspect that the answer that you'll get from all of the Debian people who actually look into the situation is that if Debian Maintainer Stefan Lippers-Hollmann is willing to continue doing this work to maintain System 5 rc scripts for your software, you should let xem.  (-:

The basic question is basically already answered: we all agree that the systemd scripts should be maintained and reasonable patches accepted.

That said, I have sent a question to Stefan about his role here: is the maintainer? If so, what is his plans? However, I still havn't got any reply on this.

Despite original address fields I'm not cross-posting.



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