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Re: md5(3bsd) (was: Re: support for merged /usr in Debian)

Le 8 janvier 2016 23:54:41 GMT+01:00, md@Linux.IT a écrit :
>On Jan 08, Robert Edmonds <edmonds@debian.org> wrote:
>> If it really does need to do MD5, maybe it could use the one in
>> instead of dragging in libgnutls-openssl27 and its dependencies.
>I did not notice this recent addition...
>Folks, there is *a lot* of software which embeds copies of md5.c:
>try to convert it to use libbsd!
>And how many of you still have copies of setproctitle.c around? Do you 
>know that they probably come from sendmail? Clean up your old code!
>If you have some old package with plain makefiles which needs to be 
>converted to use libbsd then you can have a look at my openbsd-inetd 
>package for inspiration.

We coule add a Lintian warning for both. Care to open a bug?

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