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Re: support for merged /usr in Debian

On 03/01/2016 22:10, Russ Allbery wrote:
Eric Valette <eric.valette@free.fr> writes:

The problem of getting /usr mounted before things start using it is mostly
separate from the question of whether we want to merge it with /bin and
/lib.  This thread is more about the latter than the former.  (Obviously,
mounting /usr early is a *prerequisite* for merging /bin and /lib with
/usr, which is why it comes up.)

Well, I do not see the need for that (merging /bin and /lib with
/usr) once /usr is mounted early enough as PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH should allow to find binaries and libraries wherever they are at the end when both fs are mounted...

If it is just to close once for all the right location philosophical debate, I would say it will be over priced: changing executable PATH will just breaks million scripts people have written themselves on top of original debian install to maintain their system or do whatever their system is really needed for. System admins do like using absolute path for security reasons...

-- eric

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