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Re: Debian name change

We may never know what Ian the man actually wrote, or what
sort of influence he was under when he wrote it.

The only way we begin to know is if Ian's family, the executor
of his estate, the police, and administrators of Twitter come
forward and tell the story of what they have observed.

One might argue that in some way, all of us that use, contribute
and maintain the debian project are all executors of Ian's digital
estate. It is up to us what we choose to carry forward. It is 
probably Ian's greatest legacy that we have the debian social
contract, and if some group wants to change the name, they have
the freedom to do so. I wish the supporters of the Euphemia
project success in their endeavor, for whether it succeeds or
fails, we can learn from it.

Personally, I like the name Debian, so I'll keep using it, and
I want to focus on the amazing gifts this project has given to
the entire world, for no charge. This project is far bigger 
than the tragic end of one man's life.

If you must search for a foe to fight, an enemy to vanquish,
and evil to conqueor, then I would call you to action to look
very closely at who might profit from sowing dissent and 
confusion among this project. There are people who might stand
to make a lot of money if the project that bears Ian's name

But don't waste our time or energy on such things. Take it to
another forum, another mailing list, or start your own derivative
project, for you have the freedom do to so, and what you are
fighting desires to strip it from you.

On Thu, Dec 31, 2015 at 11:42:54PM +0000, envite wrote:
> Please do not get ANY conclusions before we _know_ for real if he wrote any of that, or not, and if he was on his own mind or not when writing.
> Just wait.
> er Envite
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> As you may know you posted on you blog about the recent passing of our beloved Ian Murdock, by completely slandering his name, and the debian image. As a black American I find it thoroughly racist that you would even insist that changing the name to Euphemia is a good option. Euphemia is in no way relevant to the debian project no matter what excuse you come up with. Please do not try to include blacks in a project that has nothing to do with them. 
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