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Re: How shall I report a bug in the .deb packaging itself?

Le mardi 22 décembre 2015, 00:35:25 Robie Basak a écrit :
> I had always assumed that this is the risk you take by using autoremove
> and thus you need to pay attention to what you autoremove, which is for
> example why unattended-upgrades is sensible by not doing it by default.

Excepted that unattended-upgrades is changeing this behaviour right
now because some users got their /boot filled with many differents kernel images
over the time.


*) "apt-get autoremove" should always be safe;
   one can use apt-mark manual to pin pakcages

*) "apt-get remove $(deborphan)" is more dangerous; and should be done manually;
and then one can also build fake empty packages with equivs to register some
-libs or -devel packages as needed by a local application.



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