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Rename security suite to *-security


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I would like to propose two changes for the security archive:

* Rename */updates to *-security, starting with the next stable release.
  This gets rid of the confusion of */updates vs. *-updates.

* Rename the components updates/{main,contrib,non-free} to just
  {main,contrib,non-free}.  This is both confusing and not well
  supported in dak: as its only used on the security archive, it gets
  even less testing than the rest of the code and breaks if anything
  relevant changed.  Having the same names allows to eventually remove
  the code for this.

Both changes would not affect the current stable release, but people
would have to change their sources.list on upgrade.  As it is
recommended to use codenames in sources.list, an upgrade already means
editing sources.list; the changes just imply a slightly different change.

The changes to the subdirectories below pool/ might also affect people
maintaining (partial) private mirrors of the security archive.  They
would need to update what they mirror for the next release.


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