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Re: Bug#799336: general: Prepare for quantum computers breaking encryptions

On 18/09/15 12:41, Iain R. Learmonth wrote:
> I would have no idea where to start for quantum safe crypto, and while this
> is an issue for upstreams mainly, getting an idea of where Debian is in this
> landscape currently and identifying the most important areas that need work
> would be a worthwhile use of time in my opinion.

I suspect that the only actionable thing that Debian can do is to make
sure that the technologies we choose within Debian have some amount of
crypto-agility, rather than being inextricably tied to a specific
mathematical construct. In most cases we get that by using a standard
protocol like PGP, TLS or ssh instead of inventing our own thing.

For instance, we PGP-sign the archive metadata (currently using RSA
keys, but in principle other algorithms are supported), instead of
having our own signing implementation that specifically uses RSA.


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