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Bug#799336: general: Prepare for quantum computers breaking encryptions

On Fri, 18 Sep 2015 03:42:07 +0300 Victor Porton wrote:

> We should prepare that invention of quantum computers may break
> SSH, HTTPS, PGP, and other encryptions we use in practice.

This would be a job for the upstream developers of the software we have
in Debian that supports SSH/HTTPS/PGP etc. I would encourage you to
research the problems, current and future possible mitigations and
communicate these to the relevant upstream developers. Once the
mitigations are implemented then we can adopt them in Debian and
communicate with our users about how to deploy these mitigations.

> Also there should be written a user manual about new security threats
> posed by quantum computers, and how to configure software to get around
> these problems.

If you are familiar with these new security threats, I would encourage
you to document them and their Debian workarounds on the Debian wiki.



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