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Re: pro-active removals

On 17/09/15 11:51, Vincent Bernat wrote:
>> I filed http://bugs.debian.org/501402 in 2008 when the vlan package had
>> > already been deprecated. This was to allow the package maintainer (or
>> > anyone else!) to implement a smooth transition to the new tools for
>> > anyone still using the vlan package....
> As for ifconfig, people rely on the vconfig command. If I type
> "configure vlan linux", on the 10 first results, I have 5 of them
> (including the first one) that explain how to use vconfig. One of them
> is for "Google Fiber". Another one is from the Ubuntu Wiki. Another one
> From Oracle. In fact, only two of them explain that it can be done with
> "ip link".

Two years ago I wrote a replacement for vconfig [1], which I thought
would replace it in Debian, but that still hasn't happened.

[1] https://bitbucket.org/andrew_shadura/fake-vconfig/src


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