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Re: pro-active removals

 ❦ 17 septembre 2015 10:55 +0200, Andreas Henriksson <andreas@fatal.se> :

>> Why? The vlan package is not needed since at least Wheezy to configure
>> VLANs on devices since the program "ip" can do everything the same or
>> even better. 
>> Also ifupdown was changed to be able to configure VLANs using "ip"
>> directly without the need for the "vconfig" from the vlan package.
> I think this example is a good one to describe why we should be more
> pro-active with removals from the archive.
> I filed http://bugs.debian.org/501402 in 2008 when the vlan package had
> already been deprecated. This was to allow the package maintainer (or
> anyone else!) to implement a smooth transition to the new tools for
> anyone still using the vlan package....

As for ifconfig, people rely on the vconfig command. If I type
"configure vlan linux", on the 10 first results, I have 5 of them
(including the first one) that explain how to use vconfig. One of them
is for "Google Fiber". Another one is from the Ubuntu Wiki. Another one
From Oracle. In fact, only two of them explain that it can be done with
"ip link".
Don't patch bad code - rewrite it.
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