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Re: is the whole unstable still broken by gcc-5?

Quoting Виталий Филиппов (2015-09-12 22:17:32)
>>> apt-get dist-upgrade tries to remove the following packages:
>> and upgrade rather than dist-upgrade?
>> Try using aptitude instead of apt. It sometimes does a better job, 
>> and just 'aptitude' so you get the curses interface makes it _much_ 
>> easier to track down what's actually up. 'B' shows broken packages 
>> which is often a clue.
> I've tried and it offered me 100500 different insane ways of solving 
> the situation... :) that's why I don't use it, its solver seems really 
> insane.  apt-get is far more rational :)
> The single thing that I found aptitude useful for is finding and 
> removing packages that are unavailable in current debian release 
> anymore :)

The advice above was not to rely on the tool to magically auto-compute a 
full solution for you, but instead to interactively navigate your 
complex(!) multi-suite system and make better sense of it yourself: 
Might help reveal a package you'd accidentally held back, or some 
deprecated library flagged as non-auto which you know you don't need, 
etc. etc.

 - Jonas

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