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Re: is the whole unstable still broken by gcc-5?

Виталий Филиппов <vitalif@yourcmc.ru> writes:

> Is the whole unstable still broken by gcc-5 transition? Or by something
> else? Why apt-get dist-upgrade still wants to remove a lot of packages?
> It lasts for several weeks, I can't upgrade normally...

I've been able to upgrade normally during the entire gcc-5 transition.
There were just a few times when some packages were held back until
packages were recompiled.  The last of those cleared some time ago for

So, two suggestions:

1. Include some sort of actual information about what apt-get dist-upgrade
   is saying.  The general complaint doesn't really let anyone help you.
   The only information we can give you is whether all of unstable is
   broken (it's not) and whether everyone is seeing the same problem that
   you are (we're not).

2. Don't use apt-get dist-upgrade routinely.  There's a reason why it's
   not the default!  Usually apt-get upgrade is what you want, at least
   until you get down to just a few lingering packages.  Then, you can try
   dist-upgrade and see if it's just a few conflicting libraries.  That's
   the way I always handle upgrades, and I rarely have any of these

> Can you please tell when everything will be fixed i.e. when all packages
> will be rebuilt with newer gcc? And can you please NOT upload such
> "breaking updates" in the future before testing everything that's broken
> in experimental?..

No, there's no way to do this sort of transition that way.  Sorry.  But
the bright side is that I think the problems you're seeing are either due
to specific problems with specific packages you have installed, or
possibly just from not using apt-get the best way, since I didn't see
anything like the problems you're reporting at any point in this rebuild.

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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