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Re: Polkit: prompt for root password

Am 01.09.2015 um 21:13 schrieb Jayson Willson:
> Ehmm... I do not know. Probably, what I have done is not correct. As I
> understand, if my user is NOT in sudo group, then su prompts for root
> password (just as always), and polkit will also prompt for root
> password, instead of my user's.


> However, sudo seems to be more flexible, and though I do not need all of
> it's flexibility now, I may need it later.
> All the changes, which I had to make is:
> add
> "Defaults    rootpw"
> to /etc/sudoers
> and do polkit rules changes mentioned above. Are there any reasons _not_
> to change config files and switch to su without sudo instead?

Just to clarify: I'm one of the policykit maintainers and we modelled
the default policy in Debian this way, that you'll be prompted for your
user password if you are in group sudo, since that is what we'd expect
admins to happen if they put users in group sudo, to grant them admin

So I was interested why you wanted to work it differently.

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