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Re: Polkit: prompt for root password

Ehmm... I do not know. Probably, what I have done is not correct. As I understand, if my user is NOT in sudo group, then su prompts for root password (just as always), and polkit will also prompt for root password, instead of my user's. However, sudo seems to be more flexible, and though I do not need all of it's flexibility now, I may need it later.
All the changes, which I had to make is:
"Defaults	rootpw"
to /etc/sudoers
and do polkit rules changes mentioned above. Are there any reasons _not_ to change config files and switch to su without sudo instead?

Yours sincerely, Jayson Willson

01.09.2015 22:02, Michael Biebl пишет:
Am 01.09.2015 um 20:54 schrieb Jayson Willson:
It seems to me, that such approach will increase security. If "sudo" and
"policykit" prompt for user password, then even if some other man knows
my user password, he can administer system, as he can both log into the
system and user sudo/polkit, but if root password is required for using
sudo/polkit, then knowing my user's password is not enough, and the only
thing he will be able to change is files in /home/user.

Why did you then put your user in group sudo in the first place if what
you want is "su" type behaviour?

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