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[DDEB] Status on automatic debug packages (2015-08-24)


Here is the "post-debconf" status on automatic debug packages ("ddebs").
 The previous status from 2015-06-29 can be found in [0].

What is it?

* ddebs are Debian packages with the extension .deb that
  contain debugging symbols and are built implicitly.
  - A package foo_1.23.deb will receive a corresponding
    foo_1.23-dbgsym.ddeb package.
  - ddebs are built automatically by dh_strip.

Where are we?

 * ddebs are now properly included in the .changes file
   - This is fixed with debhelper/9.20150811 and dpkg/1.18.2

 * dak has been patched and is mostly ready!
   - A huge thanks to paultag and ansgar for their work here

 * DSA and the FTP masters are setting up a "mirror network" for it.
   - Filed as RT#5913
   - (If you have no idea about what a "mirror network" is, then do not
      worry - I still do not understand it either)

 * debhelper will be including debug-ids in the control file to make it
   easier to find the necessary debug symbols for a given file.
   - Thanks to paultag for this idea.
   - This is merged into git and will be included in the next upload.

What needs to be done

 * We need to finish the mirror network setup
   - Thanks to weasel, we have a webserver now that is just missing an
     archive on it.
   - As I do not quite understand the concepts, I am not entirely sure
     if this item is completely done after the FTP masters sync out an
     archive.  But it should be sufficient for testing purposes.

 * FTP-masters have to write a final patch to have ddebs by-pass NEW.
   - This has been deliberately punted until the mirror network was in

 * Up to 5 packages need to change section (see "Implementation-
   details" below)
   - See #796834, #796836, #796839, #796840, and #796842.

 * debhelper needs an upload to build ddebs by default.

With these done, we should be ready to start upload ddebs to Debian.
There will be some post processing after this as well (e.g. adding them
to testing will require patching Britney).


There are some details behind the implementation that might be of
general interest.

 * All packages in the "debug" section will be moved from unstable to
   the new "unstable-debug" (separate mirror list)
   - Including "manual" debug packages

 * This will reduce the size required to mirror unstable and also reduce
   the total number of binary packages in unstable

 * If you are a regular user of debug symbols, you will have to add the
   unstable-debug mirror to install them.

 * My understanding is that DAK does *not* use its "overrides" when
   checking whether a package in the debug section.


[0] https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2015/06/msg00406.html

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