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Re: The Spirit of Free Software, or The Reality

Adam Borowski <kilobyte <at> angband.pl> writes:

> Note that while requestpolicycontinued is capable to do everything original
> requestpolicy did, in its default mode it's just a poor ad blocker, 

The new xul-ext-requestpolicy is a severe regression from the old one:

• it defaults to all permitted
• it fails at importing old permissions
• if you temporarily enable all requests, then exit iceweasel and start
  it anew, it is still in the “temporarily enable all requests” mode

Furthermore – but the old one couldn’t do this either – there’s no way
to say “always forbid to this specific site and don’t bother me with
it again (e.g. by using the red flag”. The new one can add “always forbid”
rules, but it fails in that…
• … the red flag is still shown
• … it blocks same-site requests (e.g. twitter.com → twitter.com, if
  requests to twitter.com are blocked), which wouldn’t be so bad if not for…
• … it doesn’t have a way to grant explicit exceptions for such blocks

OK, wrong place to complain about RequestPolicy, admittedly.
It’s just that it’s the only actually effective ad blocker,
for use by me when lynx, my default webbrowser, isn’t enough.


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