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Re: YAGF is a seriously screwed package


>>> But I am shocked to find this software being ported into stable
>>> packages, while it can do nothing.
>> YAGF v0.9.3.2 works fine except one well known bug (see #746380).
>> And this issue will be fixed in the next upload of the package.
> Please arrange for an update upload for Debian stable, after the fixed
> packages have cooked around unstable and testing for enough time to be sure
> there were no regressions...

I am preparing update to version 0.9.5 and there are quite many changes in it
besides fixing this bug. Once package is migrated to testing I will upload
yagf-0.9.5 to jessie-backports (as always).

Do you suggest to upload updated package into stable-proposed-updates instead?
I am not sure that stable release team will approve this.

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