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Re: YAGF is a seriously screwed package


> I need this software desperately to be finally free from the
> strangle-hold of proprietary, closed-source software developers.

What should this mean?

> But I am shocked to find this software being ported into stable
> packages, while it can do nothing.

YAGF v0.9.3.2 works fine except one well known bug (see #746380).
And this issue will be fixed in the next upload of the package.
For now there is a very simple workaround:

Menu Edit item --> Settings --> Image Processing --> uncheck
Crop Image When Loaded checkbox --> all will work as expected

> As soon as it is tried it shuts itself off.

See above.

> I hope the package will be salvaged by a nearest posssible date.

No comments.

Best regards,

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