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Re: Bug#775436: ITP: xlennart -- An XBill fork but with Lennart and SystenD instead of Bill and Wingdows

On 16/01/15 11:34 AM, Markus Koschany wrote:
> My personal opinion is that both XBill and xlennart are mildly
> entertaining and it is rather immature to depict living people as a
> "virus". The message is either silly or offensive.

While we're talking about personal opinions, and clarifying for Dmitry,
whom I never answered on the question of "what good is xbill to debian?"
it's not entirely beneath me to chuckle at public figures at their
expense. (What listener of CBC radio hasn't chuckled at the Canadian Air
Farce poking fun at public Canadian figures, for instance? Or if that's
not your nationality ... pick your favourite example of the same genre.)
Yes, xbill is funny (to me) and I think enjoying a bit of silliness like
this can enrich our lives. So my own feelings regarding lampooning
Lennart in a game are, as I said, just my personal distaste for it. I
find it too soon and unfunny, given what the Debian project has just
been through over systemd. I'm not saying satire has no value for
Debian, categorically.

As for the rest of what you wrote, I can only agree.


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