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Re: GUI Configuration tool for main Debian window managers


Quoting Dominique Dumont (2015-01-06 09:08:41)
> On Tuesday 06 January 2015 11:52:15 Paul Wise wrote:
> > Personally I don't think this is a feasible project, there are too many
> > opinions on how to configure software and too much software with more
> > complex configuration (such as programming languages or domain-specific
> > languages) requirements for there to be any chance of global agreement
> > amongst Free Software developers.
> That's why I've written cme and Config::Model [2]: this works on top of 
> existing configuration files so existings projects are not impacted.

other distributions try to do similar things for a limited set of packages.

For example OpenWrt has uci which is quite powerful in its configuration
format and is able to configure their whole base system:


> I agree that Config::Model cannot address all configurations (like exim's).

Some configuration formats seem to be even turing complete:


cheers, josch

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