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Re: GUI Configuration tool for main Debian window managers

On Tuesday 06 January 2015 11:52:15 Paul Wise wrote:
> There is no standard mechanism to configure all software in Debian,
> the first step would be to pick an existing standard and convince all
> upstream developers to switch to it.

Elektra project [1] has been trying this for years.

> Personally I don't think this is
> a feasible project, there are too many opinions on how to configure
> software and too much software with more complex configuration (such
> as programming languages or domain-specific languages) requirements
> for there to be any chance of global agreement amongst Free Software
> developers.

That's why I've written cme and Config::Model [2]: this works on top of 
existing configuration files so existings projects are not impacted.

I agree that Config::Model cannot address all configurations (like exim's).

See https://github.com/dod38fr/config-model/wiki/Available-models-and-backends 
to see which configurations can be edited with cme. Help is welcome to support 
more configurations.

All the best

[1] https://github.com/ElektraInitiative/libelektra
[2] https://github.com/dod38fr/config-model/wiki

 https://github.com/dod38fr/   -o- http://search.cpan.org/~ddumont/
http://ddumont.wordpress.com/  -o-   irc: dod at irc.debian.org

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