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Re: GUI Configuration tool for main Debian window managers

Am Dienstag, 6. Januar 2015, 11:12:45 schrieb Sebastiaan Couwenberg:
> > There was webmin/usermin for a long time in debian, until it was kicked
> > off.
> > The repo masters claimed, bacaus of "bad coding". They named ist
> > "Spaghetti
> > code" or similar.
> That's not how I remember it. Jaldhar H. Vyas had the package removed
> because he was not longer able to maintain it, not because webmin was bad
> but because noone stepped up to help maintain it. See:
> https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=343897
> http://www.braincells.com/debian/index.cgi/search?text=webmin
> Kind Regards,
> Bas
Sorry, that was what I was told. However, the developer(s) are offering an 
actual debian package, which can be installed without any problem.

What is so hard. to add it into the debian repo again?

Kind regards


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